Leisurely flight around Dempsey Hill

Today’s flight location: ///maple.glass.camera

After last week’s flight around the glitzy, concrete & glass focussed area of downtown and Marina Bay with its formula 1 racetrack, today’s flight is decidedly more calm and green, in an area closer to central Singapore, with its lush greens, the serene and beautiful Botanic Garden, and a restaurant/leisure area developed around 10 years ago called Dempsey Hill.

In terms of relaxation and quiet, almost European atmosphere, this is one of my favourite spots for afterwork or some drinks with friends on the weekend.

When I first travelled from Japan to Singapore many years back (probably around the time of this tweet – btw. SQ637/638 at that time still being served by SQ’s first A380, which in the meantime has been deemed “too big” and was recently given back after the 10 year lease expired and now lives a second life as a “wet lease” aircraft for HiFly), I was introduced to one of Singapore’s best craft breweries, Red Dot, which is still on top of its game and was recently awarded “world’s best experimental beer“.

Additionally – though this never meant much to me while I was travelling to Singapore – Dempsey Hill is home to Huber’s Butchery, which runs a European style supermarket and restaurant.

Obviously, exhausted as I was after this week’s flight, my first course of action was to go for some shopping at Huber’s followed by a Reddot lunch with some green spirulina beer.


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See you next time!