Two Quick Trips – Manila & Frankfurt

This has been two busy weeks with back to back travel between Singapore, Manila, back to Singapore and finally on to Frankfurt.

Manila was a quick (almost unplanned) trip that involved me going there on an early Wednesday morning, some work, drinks in the evening, more work on Thursday and Friday and back on Friday afternoon.

Luckily, it was possible to snatch an upgrade for miles on Singapore Airlines flight SQ919 in the regional SQ Business Class. The highlight of this trip, I started out with a quick check-in in the priority queue and then on to the Manila Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge. At first it was slightly crowded (and thus noisy) as I was a bit early and the previous flight hadn’t departed yet, but that was quickly resolved as the SQ917 boarding call was made and the lounge emptied out.

The real luxury just started there however as boarding began and I found my seat, 12K (courtesy of seat guru) in the first row with so much legroom, I couldn’t have reached the bulkhead even if I had tried:

Manila - 3
More legroom than I could possible use

The service started out nicely with the greeting in German (I believe it was coincidence that there was German speaking staff onboard this flight) and an offer of newspapers and a welcome drink (the champagne you can see above).

From there, we took some time to take off but after some taxiing (and not much queueing) we were on our way to Singapore. What followed was an amazing selection of drinks, foods and just overall high quality service:

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And that concluded my quick 2 nights/3 days trip to Manila.

Finally back in Singapore, I had no time but to put all my clothes in the laundry machine, dry them, iron the shirts and put them back in the suitcase as I was already booked on my next flight – this time to Frankfurt.

For too many times, I’ve taken the Sunday night flight to Germany only to arrive in Frankfurt from an overnight in the plane, take a rental car and go directly to work, whereas this time I finally planned some much needed relaxation time and took the flight on Saturday evening already. This made it possible to go for some sightseeing in the bright Frankfurt sun and get rid of my Jetlag in the process. This was the same day as the Frankfurt Ironman, so even though it was a Sunday, the whole city had a busy kind of feeling and I enjoyed my first time there in a long time.

Obviously what followed was another busy week and lots of shuttling between hotel & office with – sadly enough – no time for a drone video.

So please excuse this weeks blog, even though there’s been lots of flying, there’s no drone flight this time.

I have a feeling this may change next time around!

In the meantime, let’s have some drinks to start the weekend!

And as always, thanks for reading/watching and subscribing!

See you next time!