Kallang Drone Flight & Shared Chill Ticket

Today’s flight is slightly different compared to my previous entries in that it encompasses a VLog, or narrated commentary on the flight. Obviously, many content creators favour this way of including their audiences in what they’re trying to do, but, as I pointed out in my very first blog on this site, it’s not something that comes to me naturally.

Hopefully, you’ll find the video interesting (or even entertaining), and I’m hoping to follow this format in future posts, especially when travelling to places I love.

Additionally, I’d love to talk a bit more about the service I mentioned in the video, called What3Words. I find this is an interesting concept for pointing people in the right direction, whatever may be your current activity.

Some use cases could be

  1. you’re in an open area (e.g. drone flying, festival, sand dunes) and want your friends to find you/pick you up/join you
  2. somebody needs directions to your house (e.g. a delivery service that has integrated with w3w’s API)
  3. voice navigation (e.g. in Mercedes-Benz’s new A-Class, where you can direct the A-Class to take you directly to “Shared.Chill.Ticket” (or “Flight.Cult.Fantastic” if that’s more your thing)

The opportunities afforded are near endless. You could describe (with reasonable accuracy) nearly any place on earth and this system could actually save lives in some areas (see this Guardian article).

Shared.Chill.Ticket - 1.jpg
Location “shared.chill.ticket” as mentioned in today’s Video VLog

For drone flyers, this affords new opportunities for programming your Drone (e.g. a Tello could easily fly from here to here and you could improve your coding skills while at it).

As I mentioned in my Twitter post, about the only thing that would make this service better would be to bring back Swatch Internet time and go ahead and create a service that can encapsulate any time/location coordinates to three words & three numbers.

What are your thoughts?

And as always, thanks a lot for reading/watching and subscribing to my blog (and newly vlog), and see you next time!