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In the past year, Singapore Airlines has rolled out a new safety video to almost all aircraft types. In this video, a Singapore Girl guides you through the aircraft safety features as well as a tour of Singapore. Obviously, that is a nice touch when flying to Singapore, as you can be either excited to learn more about this tropical destination or feel like you’ll be right at home within a few hours and a few thousand miles.

As I was wondering whether the Singapore Zoo river safari boat actually features aircraft type seatbelts and infant bassinets, we were already on the way to take off from Changi to Manila Ninoy Aquino airport about 2400km away.

Distance - 1
Singapore – Manila is about 2400km or about 3 hours of flight time (Map: Google Maps)

Flying this route is basically just across water and there is little to look out the window for (and I usually take an aisle seat anyway), and due to the hot air close to the equator the flight might be a little rough. This goes even more so for the airplanes SQ sometimes chooses on the route – namely one of their oldest equipment available, the Boeing 777-200 which had its maiden flight more than 20 years ago (although I’m sure in comparison to many other airlines SQ takes good care of their equipment). Obviously, the service was nice & prompt, including a pre-ordered special meal that was delivered before all other food and of course a Singapore Sling cocktail.

Singapore_Sling - 1
One of the high points of flying SQ – the complimentary Singapore Sling cocktails!

Arriving in Manila presents a bit of a conundrum, the airport is rather bleak compared to some of its southeast asian counterparts, but thankfully the queues were short and within a short while I was on the way to Bonifacio Global City where I would be staying for the remainder of the week.

Bonifacio Global City is a new development quite close to the airport MNL and is fashioned after some of the bigger US cities. Indeed, staying in this area makes you forget you’re in Asia at times. There’s malls, food including TGI Friday’s, Burger places, pizza places, etc. and even the cars are very American, with some huge pick-up trucks etc.

Indulging in exactly this atmosphere, one of my favourite places to eat around here is the California Pizza Kitchen, which makes excellent pizzas at a price point incomparable to Singapore’s often overpriced (or mini-sized) pizzas.

Pizza - 1
Pepperoni Pizza at CPK

Obviously, being within 5km of the Ninoy Aquino airport, this was sadly a no-fly zone and the busy schedule didn’t permit any excursion to a place where it would have been possible to fly a drone. This left me with only this picture of my small Tello drone looking (longingly?) at the big aircraft out of the airport window… maybe next time there’ll be some chance to fly!

Drone - 1
Tello drone looking at the Changi taxiways

Of course, not being able to fly a drone didn’t discourage me from putting together a quick video with some impressions of this trip. If you like, have a look below:

And as always, thanks for reading/watching & subscribing to my blog.

See you next time!


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