Drone-Walking & my first Flyaway!

This week’s post is decidedly high & low. High as in last week I did catch an awesome thunderstorm just before it hit it around Marina Bay and low as in my first Flyaway as I got too confident flying my DJI Tello drone close to Bishan station.

Last Saturday, having an appointment at the Lau Pa Sat festive market, I decided to spend the time productively and take a drone-walk from Stadium station (near Kallang river), around Marina Barrage and finally through Gardens by the Bay and around the Marina Bay Sands area.

Walk - 1.jpg
1.5 hours walk if walking leisurely, and around 3 hours if “drone-walking”

This was the first time for me flying my new Tello drone with the Wi-Fi range extender I mentioned in my previous post and additionally, I downloaded an app disabling the Tello’s altitude limitation. One of the things I wasn’t super happy about the Tello was the altitude limitation as many trees are already 10m high and the down-facing camera doesn’t help much in this regard. The Tello operates quite well at an altitude of 20m, although you can expect frequent warnings of “visual positioning system not working” around that altitude.

This is the resulting video (considering that it’s 1.5 minutes long out of about 20 minutes actual flying time, this is a similar result to what I usually get from my Spark)!

Finally, I went on to Marina Barrage where a kite festival was being held and I went on to take flight there. I’m a bit apprehensive about flying at Marina Barrage these days as it is close to National Day and last year, somebody was arrested there for flying a drone during a training session.

Obviously, as many people were already flying, it seemed to be OK and I went on to fly, just in time before a big thunderstorm came in!

In the end, we did have an awesome evening, including the Marina Bay Sands light show which is being held multiple times daily and during which I spotted someone also flying a Spark around Marina Bay! I’ll have to try that sometime in the future!

That being said, one more thing I’d like to talk about today is the DJI Tello’s photo capabilities. During my flights (about ~2 hours so far), I’ve found that while the video may skip at times and/or show artifacts, photos are usually fine & clear on this little drone. However, most people flying drones are automatically prone to looking at videography which makes sample photos rare to come by. If you are feeling this way, pls. have a look at this gallery for some photographs:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I was out and about today with some chores, I did bring along my Tello which made me quite happy as I haven’t got a lot of flying time in this week and I practiced on a rather open field in Bishan (near the center of Singapore) which led to my first Flyaway.

I got my Gamevice controller this Friday and while it does make flying the Tello feel way more comfortable than just the phone, it did experience an outage after about ~25 minutes of flying today. My Tello just made off with the last command and flew about 100m out into a construction wall (the arrow denotes where I crashed!):

Flyaway - 1.jpgUnluckily for me, the grassy area in front of it was a swamp, deep & wet from a previous rain shower, so that I had to retrieve my Tello being completely wet & dirty.

Flyaway2 - 1.jpg
My #Leguano shoes after retrieving my “swamped” Tello!

Luckily, by now my Tello is dried, the battery is charging & I did a quick test flight inside my home. Let’s hope for the best and happy next flights!

As always, thanks for reading/watching & subscribing to my blog!

See you next time!


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