Welcome & Vivo City Flight

Yup, this is a blog.

Obviously, this is my first blog, so forgive me if it feels a bit empty at this moment- after all, I’ve already spent all day playing with WordPress themes, settings, social connectors, etc.

Why do I start a blog?

I’m lucky enough to be living in a beautiful country in Southeast Asia where it is always summer, the sunsets are always just right and if it ever rains, it’s sure to be over in about an hour – Singapore.


Now, the picture at the top of this post is one I took last Thursday on my way home from work by way of an awesome quadcopter (DJI Spark) that has become one of my favourite items in my daily carry bag. Do I *need* to carry a drone around most days? No.

However, viewing Singapore, and all of the countries around here (and around the world), from a viewpoint not naturally experienced as a human, is an exceptional experience. Maybe this counts for me especially as my dream has always been to pilot airplanes (maybe after I retire?), but I guess a bird’s-eye-view is not afforded to many of us daily.

I started a Vimeo page over here and since I’m not a huge fan of voiceovers, I’d like to provide some commentary here.

Vivo City Sunset Flight (2018 Apr 5) from Flo on Vimeo.

You’ll find my posting videos from my drone’s-eye-view, from my travels around Southeast Asia and the world and just maybe about some gear I absolutely love.

I’d appreciate if you follow my blog and hope you like today’s submission which is my flight around VivoCity (at Harbourfront station in Singapore) from Thursday!

Many thanks in advance!



  1. Woww, I lived there for 6 months last year but I didn’t know Vivo City is that beautiful from above. I missed a lot of things 😭😭😭.
    Thanks Flo for such a nice video that you make.
    I’m looking forward to see more posts from you 😊


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